System Upgrade

How much work is required to upgrade a system depends on the age of the system. The comments below will let you know what is required for most upgrades, if your question is not answered please contact tech support.

  • FAQ's about Upgrading Controllers

    Systems with model types that begin with H31 can be upgraded and repaired. 

    H31XYZE controllers for XY stage and Z focus control can be upgraded to control three filter wheels and three shutters. 

    H31ZFE controllers for focus and filter wheel control can be upgraded for XY stage and Z focus control.

    For all other controllers please contact Prior technical support to determine the available options for upgrading and repair.

  • FAQ's about Upgrading Stages

    Older stages working with H126/H127/H128 systems are most likely to require a plug and play upgrade to allow the H29 and H30 systems to recognize the stage or other accessories.

  • FAQ's about Upgrading Joysticks

    H126/H127/H128 controller joysticks are not compatible with H29 and H30 controllers.

  • FAQ's about Servicing of Equipment

    We at Prior continually improve our stages and the technology that makes them work. By getting your stage serviced it will be cleaned, retested and brought as far up to date as possible. This is likely to improve the performance of older stages.