LF210 Laser Autofocus

The Prior Scientific Laser Auto Focus Module model LF210 is an advanced, integrated unit which combines a visible laser diode, associated optical components, detectors, and electronics with on-board micro controller.

Laser AutoFocus

The controller can output analogue and digital signals suitable for controlling piezo or motor focus drives, through user definable modes.

  Laser AutoFocus

The analogue output voltage is compatible with the Prior NanoScanZ piezo Z stage. When using the unit with the Prior Stepper motor, the Prior keypad (LF100K) with integral stepper motor drive unit is required. Using the LF100K keypad with its integrated digipot, for focus control, allows the laser focus unit to function as a standalone system.

LF100K Keypad

Once mounted correctly the laser beam passes through the microscope objective on to the sample. The detection circuitry in the Module monitors the spot position on the sample and continuously servos the focus motor or piezo stage to keep the spot position static. Optimum visual focus is maintained.
The LF210 is best suited to metallurgical and semiconductor examination using incident illumination where the sample has a reasonably flat, reflective surface.

The Micro Controller built into LF210 allows the unit to act as an intelligent motorised focus controller in addition to its primary task of automatic focus control. The closed loop action can be disabled, manual focus achieved using the integral rotary digipot and remote focus control can be implemented by connecting the RS232 communication port of the unit to a host p.c.

Required Conditions

Microscope must have infinity corrected optics.
It must be possible to insert LF210 in the collimated region of the microscope optics.

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