Motorised linear axis - FB range

Focus Blocks

Prior manufacturers several innovative focusing options including; the ES10ZE focus controller, Z focus drives, focus blocks, a range of specialty focus drives, nanopositioning Piezo Z stages, Z encoder probes, laser autofocus units, LF210 Inspection Stations and a range of motorized Z axis stages.

The FB Range

Motorised linear axis - FB range

The Motorised FB Range

The Z axis motorized stages offer a wide range of positioning solutions for a variety of applications. Many configurable options are available from a simple motorized linear axis to a full three axis stage system. This flexibility is ideal for the requirements of customized solutions, particularly for OEM applications.

Available in several versions, the Z axis motorized stage compliments the accuracy and repeatability expected from Prior positioning systems and is capable of supporting any of Prior Scientifics upright range of stages

The FB range is designed to be a flexible motorised single axis, allowing basic integration with the FB203, or providing an easy to install stand for a XY stage with the FB204 (FB206 for transmitted light).

The FB range can be controlled from most Prior controllers and respond to the same software commands as Prior's standard H122 focus motors.

The FB204 and FB206 is provided with a stand, which is designed to bolt on to an optical table, and can be supplied with optional 0.1um linear encoders. All of the FB range use a 1mm ball screw and stepper motor drive system.

FB201 – Manual Focus Block

The manual FB201 focus block provides both coarse and fine focus adjustments. The rack and pinion mount allows smooth, precise focussing over 29mm of travel. The FB201 was designed specifically for OEM applications and can be easily adapted to various mounting configurations.

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