ProZ Motorized Focus Column

Key features:

  • Designed for Olympus MVX-10/BX2/BX3 and Nikon AZ100/LV100 and SMZ18/25 microscopes
  • Travel range of 10".
  • Minimum resolution of 0.25 microns, encoded
  • 508mm x 508mm base
  • Maximum load: 25 kg
  • Compatible with ProScan and OptiScan controllers along with Lumen illuminators.

The Prior Scientific ProZ Motorized Focus Column for use with the Mitutoyo FS70, Olympus MVX-10, BX2/BX3, SZX16 and Nikon AZ100/LV100/SMZ18/25 modular microscope components offers a wide range of configurations to meet your Z focus and XY stage microscopy needs.

The ProZ Motorized Focus Column with 254mm of focus travel provides a large (508mm2) stable platform for Z only imaging or combine the ProZ with a ProScan or OptiScan XY stage for the ultimate in XY and Z performance.

Stage mounts are available for Prior's complete line of motorized stages with both reflected light only or transmitted light options.

Travel Range 254mm
Resolution 0.25µm encoded
Weight 45Kg (not included microscope optical body, stage or illumination)
Base 508mm x 508mm
Communications RS232 or USB via ProScan or ES10ZE controllers.