Motorized Focus Drives

Focus Motors

Prior manufacturers several innovative focusing options including; the ES10ZE focus controller, Z focus drives, focus blocks, a range of specialty focus drives, nanopositioning Piezo Z stages, Z encoder probes, laser autofocus units, LF210 Inspection Stations and a range of motorized Z axis stages.

Motorised Focus Drives

Focus Motors – H122 & PS3H122

Simple easy and to fit Z solutions for most microscopes.

Most microscopes can be retro-fitted with a motorized focus option, the standard motorized focus control from Prior Scientific provides step sizes as small as 0.002µm and provides excellent resolution for precise focus and repeatable positioning in the Z-axis.

For large movements when high speed is required, the ProScan™ focus motor can be driven at speeds of up to 20 revs/s. The H122 range of focus motors are compatible with both rotary encoders and linear encoder probes.

Stepper Motors and Resolution

The PS3H122 & H122 focus motors utilise a 200 step motor also known as 1.8° motor. This means for one full step of the motor it will move by 1.8°. The ProScan controller can further sub divide the steps of the motor into much smaller precise microsteps or pulses. It can achieve 250 microsteps for every full step of the motor. This information can be used to obtain the theoretical resolution of the focus motor.

Example    A PS3H122 and a microscope with 100um per revolution of it fine focus knob.

200 (motor steps) x 250 (controller microsteps) = 50,000 microsteps /revolution of motor.

100um (1 rev of fine focus knob) / 50,000 (microsteps/rev) = 0.002um/microstep

Theoretical Resolution = 0.002 um/microstep


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