NanoScanZ Nanopositioning Piezo Z Stages

Prior manufacturers several innovative focusing options including; the ES10ZE focus controller, Z focus drives, focus blocks, a range of specialty focus drives, nanopositioning Piezo Z stages, Z encoder probes, laser autofocus units, LF210 Inspection Stations and a range of motorized Z axis stages.


Specifically designed for researchers utilizing deconvolution and 3D imaging, the NanoScanZ come is available with 200um and 400µm of travel. The NanoScanZ optimizes the speed of the newest digital cameras and accomplishes in milliseconds what used to take seconds for conventional rotary focus drives.


A Typical Application – Z Stacking and deconvolution

The Prior NanoScanZ includes a PZT actuated linear piezo stage of exceptional resolution and stability and comes complete with a position sensitive detector for closed loop operation. The Prior NanoScanZ stage inserts directly into the Prior microscope range of stages and has a large through hole that accepts a range of specialised Prior sample holders. 

The NZ series can accommodate well plates, dishes, small flasks and microscope slides. Depending on your microscope requirement the holders are available in standard, recessed or extra recessed versions.

Z Stacking and deconvolution


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